Future Strategy through
foresight methodologies

Build understanding – identify
factors that drive change

Services typically requested by Product Managers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, HR managers to develop their strategies and tactics or to support a business case creation.

Emerging Tech Report

Emerging Consumer Values Report

Megatrends Analysis

Experts Interviewing.

In-depth interviews with relevant expert in order to map their view on current conditions, the impact of certain trends on the future, other changes impacting the problem, and addressing certain speculative questions about possible solutions and futures.

Scenario Planning Workshop

Systems Thinking Mapping Workshop

Backcasting Workshop

Sense Making
and Strategizing

Typically requested by boards and management teams as part of a strategy development exercise

Future skills

Future skills

Services typically requested by L&D managers or managers interested in upskilling and build future resilience for their teams.

Leadership Skills of the Future

The world of tomorrow will require leaders to master new capabilities. Find out what futurists have to say about it and prepare.

Meet the 16-18 yrs old of tomorrow++

They will enter the workforce with very different capabilities, attitudes and expectations. Is your organization ready having them as employees? Or consumers? Or partners?

Future Literacy Laboratory

A learning by doing process on using futures thinking in the business (2-5 days) at the end of each participants will remain with practical tools and methods and a new mindset on strategy development process.

Gallup Strengths



Services typically requested by businesses who are actively engaged in innovation activities.

Prototyping futures

To test perceptions and instigate desire to change.

Establishment of Future labs

Identification of experts, support for recruiting and launching internal R&D labs.

Internal accelerators dedicated to employees

Through Exponential Organisations.

External venturing

Scanning start-ups that are engaged in developing products and services that meet the desired future of the company.

Foresight through gamification

Experience the future through gamification (facilitated foresight simulation toolkits / board games) and enhance futures thinking within your organization.
What will you gain
from our services
  • Increased competitiveness by recognize new competitors and competitive threats
  • New avenues for business growth – see opportunities and white spots outside the industry, discover unseen consumer needs
  • Increased flexibility and adaptability of your organization – by challenge internal assumption and sparks desire to change
  • Organization alignment – provide a clear view about the future
  • Resource allocation – help organizations allocate resources where it typically matters
  • Fuel to shape the future of your business – awareness on existence of possible futures, develop plans, define and priorities areas of future action; engage employees in developing a future for the company
  • Influence customer and Partners Perception – positions the company towards its customers and suppliers as innovative business partner and invite them in building future options and strategic answers together

We inspired teams at

Orange, Carturesti, IKEA, Nepi Rockcastle, Allianz – Tiriac, Skanska, EFMP, Carrefour

How does it work

Identify priority area an issues

Prioritization of themes and issues to be investigated

Selection of the research and foresight method

Creating an internal team involved


Reporting and recommendation

Dissemination, communication, workshops with the main stakeholders that use the results