“Prediction is very difficult,
especially about the future.”

(N. Bohr)

In these times, all predictions about the future are likely to be wrong in nearly every aspect and circumstance. The approach is not about predicting a future, but rather prepare for the different ways the future might unfold. The are no more prizes left for making predictions about the future, being sure that this or that will happen; the prizes will go for those that prepare for the different ways the future might unfold.

Competitors appear from unexpected places. Market behavior is changing. New technologies are promising. Customers seem to know more than they do. But how and who to make sense of all these?

Do you think the external world changes and your company is not?

Identification of strategic early signals of change is good news for those whose role is maintaining competitive advantage for the organization. The failure is in lack of action, and if you were a decision maker, wouldn’t you like to have an early warning capability available?

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How we can help?

Our services can take the form of workshops, reports, keynotes, awake sessions, future expertise in your running projects with on-demand and on subscription fees.

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We are currently living in an era of growing complexity and accelerating change. Make use of strategic foresight to better anticipate change, learn about markets that do not yet exist and find breakthrough ideas. Enhance your team future thinking and new problem solving skills! #Future Driven Innovation #Mega Trends #Consumer Trends
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The world of tomorrow will require leaders to master new capabilities. Find out what futurists have to say about it and prepare. Let us introduce you the 16-18 yrs old of tomorrow++. They will enter the workforce with very different capabilities, attitudes and expectations. Is your organization ready having them as employees? Or consumers? Or partners?
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How can we better navigate the shifting business environment caused by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where new technologies are fusing the digital and the physical world? Evolve your organization and suppress the (corporate) immune system with an Exponential Organization Sprint based on the methodology introduced by lead author Salim Ismail, former Executive Director Singularity University.
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Is all about creating and valuing
the future of our organisations

About remaining relevant in the Tomorrow ++. FutureStation offers Foresight OnDemand to businesses who do not have the internal resources and capabilities to carry on this activity internally.

Some of the projects we worked on

Future of Consumer loyalty

Scenarios for a post-Covid world

Trends shaping consumer behavior in telecom industry

After co-working, comes co-living?

Trends learning journeys

2030 Future Skills

Future of Vet Industry

Do we think there is only one future? If not, why do we only plan for one?

Foresight catalyses thinking in alternative futures.

We spent the last few years in studying and unlocking change, trends and making sense of the future. Systems Thinking. Foresight. Future Driven Innovation. Mega Trends. Consumer Trends. We are members of various research, think-tanks and trendwatching groups.

We have an extensive network. And we have put everything we learned into Future Station. And it’s awesome!

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Diana Stafie

I am Diana Stafie and I believe we can change the future by choosing to act or not on what happens to us today. To this belief I added extensive training, studies and research on how businesses can manage complex projects and shape their future through Systems Thinking,  Strategic Foresight and Futures Scenario Planning.


We inspired teams at

Orange, Carturesti, Hochland, Bayer, Mega Image, Victoria Bank, Nepi Rockcastle, EFMP, Carrefour, Concordia

What our clients say

A good hockey player plays where the puck is.
A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.
– Wayne Gretzky

Where do you want to “play”?


Benefits of foresight work

Relevance - Understand what consumers/employees want next.

Strategic warning system - Mitigate external changes risk.

Scenarios thinking - Make sense of uncertainty and turn change into opportunities.

Thought leadership - Business “influencer”

Challenge current mental models and prevailing assumptions and enhance future skills within your teams.